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Search product directly at any china supplier and send us, we have wide variety of services in order to help clients for import customs clearence.

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1. How do I place an order?


   - Choose your product from China online site     01-place-order
   - Send us product link      
   - Confirm shipping & payment method     02-confirm-cart

   Checkout     03-checkout

   - Login Account
   - Billing / Shipping information
   - Order review     04-order-preview
   - Wait and receive quotation     05-confirmation-email

2. How do I track my order status?
    Kindly request from us.

3. How do I return/cancel order?
    Before return an item, kindly check our return & refund policy for make sure that your item are eligible for return.

4. When will I get my refund after return item?
    Within a week after we received return item.

5. How do I make payment?     06-make-payment
    Payment can be done by online Bank Transfer/Banking while Credit card online payment using PayPal.

6. How do I calculate shipping cost?      07-calculate  08-shipping
    Kindly check on "OUR SERVICE".

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